Explore more electrifying growth driven careers within Stop and Sip Bistro here. At Stop and Sip Bistro, the whole thing is about getting an excited ‘Coffee’. From the immense expanse of the coffee shops to fashionable urban outlets, a devoted team strives jointly to put a smile on the face of every single customer.

Our aim is to deliver individuals with continuous growth and opulence, while cheering entrepreneurship and creativeness. We always look for self-motivated, innovative thinkers who would companion us in our determined endeavours. Would ‘You’ want to be the ‘Creator’ of those smile?

We trust that every individual justifies the opportunity to exhibit their talents and abilities. That’s why at Stop and Sip Bistro, you not only work in a fast-paced knowledge environment, but have the chance to nurture your career exponentially as well. We are a multi-disciplinary group where you will have numerousduties at a young age. We inspire our people, be it freshers or experienced, to share new entrepreneurial ideas - you will have every singlechance to leave your blot at Bistro.


Stop and Sip Bistro is a young, energetic and happy place to derive in to work every single day. We have the utmost respect for people and their offerings towards making Bistro a whole hearted place to work at.

Our Training Program

Join the vigorous workforce of Stop and Sip Bistro and give your career a special boost. A training program acquaints with all the facets of coffee and communication with clients. We are seeing for self-motivated, vigorous thinkers that would partner with us for our advanced endeavours. We deliver people with ability, integrity and a desire for learning, real progress opportunities.
Ambitious by a mission to offer a range of coffee to a wide customer base, we need self-motivated, active and people-centric persons to front end our actions.

Do you want to be a part of the imperturbable and most loved Bistro family? Apply here for exhilarating careers in Bistro,email your updated CV to and we will get in touch with you soon.

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